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The Product of ABAS

ABAS Original Aged Kao-Liang


600 ml  59.9% vol

Main ingredients: sorghum and wheat Price NT.1100.

Taichung's Da'an, the cradle of ABAS, where we launch our local cultural series of original spirits. This Kao-Liang liquor is crafted from the first distillation of pure grain solid-state fermentation, an unblended and undiluted single batch, preserving the authentic brew just as the century-old Huweiliao Residence history, paying homage to Da'an's rich culture. At first scent, an elegant floral aroma blooms in the air; upon tasting, the liquor gently glides into the mouth, where the sweetness of toffee bursts on the tip of the tongue, followed by a hint of grapefruit's tangy fruitiness, leaving behind a lingering, serene, and refreshing grain aroma, as if wandering through Da'an's historical alleys, savoring the tranquility of time and the depth of culture.

【Da'an Huwei Liao Residence】

In the past, the Da'an district of Taichung City was part of the domain of the Pingpu tribe - the Taokas. With time, their lifestyle and culture have gradually vanished, yet the Wujia area of Da'an still retains the complete look of its settlement. The distinctive feature of Dakas residences is having the main entrance on the gable side, known as 'Huwuiliao Residence.' ABAS specially crafts this 'Huwuiliao Residence' commemorative liquor, using an unblended and undiluted approach to continue the legacy of the Pingpu tribe's culture."

ABAS 53% Aged Liquor


700 ml 53% vol

Main Ingredients: Sorghum, Wheat

Price: NT.1980

Discover the unique 53% Aged Baijiu at, a rare sauce-flavor liquor in Taiwan, breaking the stereotype of strong spirits being harsh and pungent. Approach the glass and waft the aroma to first encounter a rich and distinctive sauce fragrance. Upon tasting, experience the liquor's layered richness spreading from the tip of the tongue; its flavor is mellow, refined, and dimensional, forming a brilliant constellation in the mouth. ABAS 53% Aged Baijiu, matured for six years following an extensive one-and-a-half-year solid-state fermentation, stands as the brand's most iconic and unmissable product.


- Awarded the highest three-star honor at the Belgium International Taste Competition


- Perfectly paired with fatty meats such as beef jerky, pork strips, or grilled sorghum sausage, where the meat's fat enhances the rich ethyl caproate aroma of the aged baijiu.

Hai Chuan Chen Lu Aged Liquor


500 ml 52% vol

Main Ingredients: Sorghum, Wheat

Price: NT.1080

A premier product from ABAS's initial production. Distilled from the first extraction of pure grain solid-state fermentation, this liquor boasts a clear and bright hue with a fragrant and elegant aroma, reminiscent of the clear waters of a shallow beach in summer.

At 52%, Hai Chuan Chen Lu Aged Liquor retains the brisk sensation of strong spirits while leaving only a lingering, soothing, and fresh fragrance in the mouth after drinking.


- Awards - Received a two-star honor at the Belgium International Taste Competition

                 - Ccertified as a premium liquor by the Ministry of Finance.


- Perfect Pairing Ideal with peanuts and other nuts, or mullet roe. This refreshing baijiu pairs well with subtle snacks, enhancing and complementing the flavors of seafood without overpowering them.

ABAS 45% Aged Liquor

web product-04_edited.png

500 ml  45% vol

Main Ingredients: Sorghum, Wheat

Price: NT.880

A perfect entry-level from our ABAS selection, a subtler cousin to our ABAS 53% Aged Liquor. While it may not boast the strong, distinctive sauce aroma of its higher-proof relative, it retains a charming hint of light sauce fragrance, offering a smooth and non-spicy entry on the palate.


Employing the same pure grain solid-state fermentation process and matured for eight years, this baijiu is presented in artistically designed packaging that appeals to the senses. Its mild and well-balanced flavor profile makes it an ideal gift for those new to the world of baijiu.


- Perfect Pairing Best enjoyed with fatty meats such as beef jerky, pork strips, or grilled sorghum sausage. The fat in the meat enhances the rich ethyl caproate aromas in the aged baijiu.

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