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A Journey of Flavor Through the Terroir ABAS Distillery Story Hall

The art of distilling spirits is deeply intertwined with the local landscape. You may be intrigued by the coastal town that nurtures spirits with distinctive flavors and character—how its crisp, dry sea breezes, the radiant sunshine, and the vast expanses of rice paddies and ocean contribute to this richness. You might even ponder whether whales grace the port with their presence.


Embarking on a journey to the ABAS Distillery Story Hall provides an immersive experience that includes learning about the distillation process, sensory evaluation, and hands-on crafting. This visit allows you to explore the rich, nuanced flavors bestowed by the terrain, broadening your perception of spirits.



導 覽


From Terroir to Your Glass: Crafting the Essence


ABAS Distillery Story Hall unravels the art of liquor-making, transforming grains into exquisite wine through detailed visuals and narratives.

Experience how a single grain, over time, transforms into a delightful sip of spirits, leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate.


Craft Your Own Seasonal Spirits


Nestled in the fertile lands of Taichung, a city renowned for its rich agricultural bounty, from grains like rice and sorghum to an array of fruits and blossoms, each season offers its unique palette. Embrace the opportunity to handcraft your own spirits, or even engaging in DIY flavored liqueur crafting, selecting from the finest seasonal produce, and marrying them with the art of pure distillation. 


Experience Depth and Sweetness Through Tasting


Seasonally curated, our trio of spirits is presented for a nuanced tasting journey. Engage with the five-step tasting ritual: Look, Smell, Taste, Swallow, Think. This process is designed to unveil the distinct personality and complex flavor profiles of each spirit. 


Experience the Vastness of Da'an's Fields and Shorelines


Venture into Da'an, where the charm extends beyond the horizon, capturing a landscape dotted with windmills against the coastal backdrop. Meander through the quaint alleys and historic lanes encircling the ABAS Distillery Story Hall, immersed in expansive rice paddies that dominate your view. For a different perspective, journey to the coastal paths, ideal for cycling or a serene walk on the beach, allowing the sunset to paint your experience. (Do not drink and drive)

Visit Information

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00- 18:00  Weekends: By appointment only



Capacity Approximately 8-10 cars or 1 bus with 40 seats


Guided Tasting: NT$300 per person

Handcrafting: NT$450 per person (Handcrafting requires a minimum of 10 participants for booking)

*The venue accommodates up to 40 guests; group visits are recommended to book in advance.

*Reservations are required for tasting and handcrafting sessions.

*For bookings, contact us via the official LINE (@abas) or call (04-26886059).

Transportation Information

By Car


Take National Expressway No. 3 and exit at Yuanli Interchange > Take the West Coast Expressway (Highway 61) fast lane > Exit at the 136 km mark onto Dajia Interchange > Keep left to merge onto the northbound slow lane > Continue straight for about 500 meters > Turn left at the end > Turn right onto Zhongshan North Road > Continue straight for about 500 meters > ABAS Distillery Story Hall


Take National Expressway No. 1 or 3 to National Expressway No. 4 > Exit at National Expressway No. 4/Taiwan Provincial Highway No.17 > Continue straight on Lingang Road for about 4.1 kilometers > Turn right onto West Coast Expressway (Highway 61) > Exit at the 139 km mark onto Dajia Interchange > Proceed straight for 850 meters > Enter the right-side slow lane > Continue straight for about 500 meters > Turn left at the end > Turn right onto Zhongshan North Road > Continue straight for about 500 meters > ABAS Distillery Story Hall

Public Transportation


Take the train to Dajia Train Station > Take bus route 172 > Get off at Tianxin (Zhongshan North Road) stop > A 2-minute walk will take you to ABAS Distillery Story Hall


Take the train to Dajia Train Station > Rent a Youbike at the motorcycle parking lot station next to Dajia Station > Wenwu Road > Da'angang Road > Nanbei 7th Road > Dongxi 1st Road > Arrive at the Youbike station at Ding'an Community > A 2-minute walk will take you to ABAS Distillery Story Hall (the entire trip takes about 20 minutes).

*Please check the bus schedule in advance

Shuttle Service

pick up-07.png

We offer a shuttle service from Dajia Train Station to ABAS Distillery Story Hall, including a tour of nearby attractions. Round trip per person is NT$200, reservation required. 

*The shuttle accommodates up to 8 people per trip; larger groups will need split transportation.

No. 330, Zhongshan North Road, Ding'an Li, Da'an District, Taichung City

Contact Numbers
04-26886059 / 04-2688-8318

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