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A Legacy of Local Heritage.

Heritage in Every Voyage:
From Da'an Harbor to Tiechuan Mountain
with Heart and Tradition.

Known historically as "Haiwengku (Whale Cave) Port" due to the once abundant presence of whales (haiweng), this port is a testament to the area's rich maritime heritage. In this quaint coastal town, it was a common practice for fishermen to bring along their own distilled rice wine when setting out to sea, using it to evoke warmth and nostalgia.


Although the whales no longer visit, Tiezhanshan remains an enduring sentinel for the port, overseeing the nurturing waters of the Da'an and Dajia Rivers' lower basins. Nestled near this historic port, ABAS Distillery Story Hall is a bastion of distillation tradition, preserving the ancient techniques imparted by local elders through the meticulous and increasingly rare "pure grain solid-state fermentation and distillation" method. This process, requiring up to a year and a half of fermentation, is twenty times longer than that of standard commercial liquors, capturing the unique essence and flavors bestowed by our local terroir.


At ABAS, our spirits are crafted with integrity, free from added alcohol or artificial flavors, marrying time-honored practices with modern distillation knowledge and precision. This commitment to tradition and quality, continuously refining and advancing the methods handed down from the Japanese colonial period, ensures that each bottle we produce is not only a reflection of our dedication to flavor and safety but also a tribute to our roots and community. As natives of this land, our founders, Mr. Wu Huanran and Mrs. Hong Lishuang, embody the spirit of ABAS — deeply interwoven with the land, the people, and an unwavering commitment to the legacy and culture of our hometown.



Cherishing Every Flavor, Upholding Every Tradition

It's a profound commitment to our core values and an earnest endeavor to preserve a cherished flavor heritage that we are loath to let vanish. Our distillery journey began from a single stove in our family kitchen, where the craft was imparted to us with great patience and generosity by our elders. The wines produced through this direct lineage of traditional methods were delightful, yet they suffered from low success rates due to our limited control over environmental variables, such as shifts in climate.


Determined to ensure that these distinctive flavors do not fade away with time, we steadfastly adhere to these ancient techniques. Yet, our commitment extends beyond mere preservation; we actively seek out further education and training at universities and food research institutions. Our goal is to marry the time-honored distilling steps with a systematic and refined approach to process and measurement control.


This dedication reflects our deep-seated reluctance to see the local flavors and traditions disappear and underscores our resolve not to forsake the pursuit of excellence in our liquor-making artistry. It is a testament to our dedication to both our heritage and the potential for innovation within the realm of traditional distilling.

Rooted in Richness,
Refined by Sea Breezes

Our crops are deeply rooted in the fertile soil, nurtured by the sea breezes of Taichung's Da'an District, which lies to the east and north, bordering Dajia District and facing the Taiwan Strait to the west. This coastal town is gently cradled by the lower reaches of the Dajia and Da'an Rivers. The region's rich soil and abundant water resources have not only fostered a thriving fishing industry but also a robust rice cultivation area, laying the foundation for the local tradition of maturing and savoring rice wine to warm the body and soul.


The strong sea breezes of autumn, winter, and early spring, while challenging for agriculture, create the perfect conditions for liquor-making. We utilize a traditional Chinese Baijiu technique known as "natural budding" for fermentation, allowing the unique microflora carried by the Da'an sea breezes to interact with the crops. This process captures a moment in time and place, infusing ABAS's spirits with a distinctive flavor that carries the essence of "Haiwengku (Whale Cave) Harbor." Each sip is imbued with a subtle trace of our unique maritime terroir, a tribute to our cherished local heritage.





Patience Brings Perfection: Discover Wonder in Every Grain

The "solid-state fermentation" method we use for maturing, contrasting the more common "liquid-state fermentation" employed by many in the industry, is intricate, time-consuming, and yields only a 30% alcohol output. This approach may seem at odds with the modern drive for speed and efficiency, yet it is our commitment to this time-intensive process that allows the character of the terroir to be deeply woven into the spirit, enhancing the nuanced flavors and richness of the rice and sorghum post-fermentation.


What is distilled in this process is not just the essence of the land but also that of time itself. It's akin to capturing the trails of stars in a long-exposure photograph, where time is layered upon itself, revealing and enriching the flavor profile. This method, while yielding less in quantity, offers a profound depth of taste and a reflection of our dedication to preserving and celebrating the intricate ballet of nature and time in our craft.

Uniting Tradition and Innovation: Farming the Future Together

Merging traditional liquor-making with modern technology, using pure, local grains like rice, sorghum, and wheat. Our focus is on perfecting our rice wine and baijiu, while collaborating with Taichung's small-scale farmers integrates local fruits like grapes, oranges, and plums into our products. This partnership fosters a 'local spirits' culture in Taiwan, blending ABAS's craftsmanship with the region's agricultural richness to create a distinctive taste of our land.





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