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Customization Service

Customizable Options

Packaging and Carrying Bags

This option offers maximum flexibility and the simplest customization process. Once the design is confirmed, it goes straight to print production, with a timeline of about one month (dependent on the design finalization time). Designs can be assisted by our in-house designers (design fees apply) or provided by your own. This choice is ideal for small quantities and those looking to save time.

Liquor Labels

Our label design service allows for personalization that can either be facilitated by our experienced designers (at an additional design fee) or provided directly by you. It's crucial that the label design complies with the specific regulations governing alcohol labeling. Once the design is complete, it must be submitted for approval to the relevant authorities. The entire process typically spans about two months, making it an excellent option for corporate gifting.

Bottle Design

Provide your own bottle design along with relevant food safety certifications. We assist in the filling and packaging processes, making this service ideal for those looking to develop unique branded products.

Flavor Development

Collaborate with us to develop distinctive liquor flavors, which involves an extensive period of testing and development. We also offer the service of using your provided raw materials for contract distillation. This option is particularly suitable for those aiming to create branded products with unique characteristics or for agricultural entities looking to diversify their offerings.

Customization Process

客製流程_工作區域 1.png

*Appearance customizations require a minimum of 200 bottles, with a process lasting 1-2 months, encompassing design and approval.
*Flavor customizations have varying minimum orders and timelines, dependent on materials and techniques. For details, please reach out to us directly.

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