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Expressing local landscapes and people through the liquor.

Embrace the art of natural brewing,
crafting each glass with care

Chief Distiller

Nestled in the heart of Taiwan's west coast, Da'an District of Taichung City, the ABAS Distillery Story Hall embodies our dedication to traditional craft: solid-state fermentation and distillation. We honor ancient crafting methods, promising a pure and reassuring experience without the use of edible alcohol or artificial additives.

Our commitment

100% pure grain brewing
100% natural fermentation
100% authentic flavor extraction

Local People, Local Spirits:

Embracing the wisdom of the past, ABAS has dedicated three decades to the art of "pure grain solid-state fermentation and distillation" maturation technique, steadfast in our ethos. Our commitment to crafting liquor without additives ensures the genuine taste of nature in every sip, a dedication that has earned us international recognition and honors.

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